Being an Authentic Coach
Robert Dilts

In a world of great change, we regularly question our identity, our posture and our coaching practices at the service of our clients' development.

During this day, Robert Dilts invites us to explore what it means for him to "be an authentic coach". How do we enter this new generation of support professionals who are committed to both living their dreams and building a better world through their professional activities?

Creativity is a central element of Authentic Coaching:

  • How to create a professional life rich in success and meaning
  • How to create intense interpersonal relationships
  • How to develop a beautiful relationship with yourself, your body, your past, your future, your wounds, and your gifts

These are the fundamental challenges of an authentic and rich life. Authentic Coaching paves the way for successful success.

This one-day workshop will focus on how to build aligned and generative states for yourself and for others and how to maintain these states by dealing with the challenges encountered during the creative journey so that results new and significant ones can emerge.

The program will incorporate elements of the six-step Generative Change model, designed by Robert Dilts and Stephen Gilligan.

A hands-on workshop, a unique experience to help you develop the creative skills necessary to conduct outstanding coaching.

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