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Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D
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Lecture at the METAFORUM Congress 2018 with Dr.  Stephen Gilligan

Sustainable creativity requires a high level of awareness of one's self in each moment. This state of consciousness is paradoxical in that it has to balance a variety of opposites, such as concentration / relaxation, effort / spontaneity or cognitive / somatic experience. If a person or a larger system is able to find a "middle ground", it will create new levels of creative achievement and positive emotions. Some practical ways to achieve this for yourself and others will be the focus of this talk. This lecture is part of the program of the METAFORUM congress 2018 with the main topic "Selbststeuerung", 28.-29.07.2018, as part of the METAFORUM SummerCamp.. Dr. Gilligan will also be on a panel discussion as well

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29 to 29 July 2018
  • English
    (translated in German)
  • Abano Terme,Italy

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