Generative Presence and Leadership
Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D
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[embed][/embed] Living a creative and fulfilling life requires the capacity to be fully present and connected with one’s self and others. This skill is central to success in intimate relationships, family life, professional communication, business relationships, and various aspects of social life. While the forms of personal presence vary significantly across contexts, the underlying challenge remains the same: how to activate and safely include the deepest parts of one’s being as a major base for a successful relationship. A basic premise is that failure to do so sabotages and damages one’s life, while success allows superior outcomes in both personal and professional areas. This workshop explores how this can be done in many skillful ways. The Generative Change work developed by Dr. Gilligan and Robert Dilts over the past 40 years has at its base the idea that creativity is a conversation between different intelligences, for example, verbal and nonverbal, as well as opposite truths. Integrating these different parts is the hallmark of the social and emotional intelligence needed for success. This workshop will cover both personal and professional applications of generative intimacy, so come prepared to learn how to help both yourself and others thrive with ethical, integrated, content-appropriate skills of generative presence.

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23 to 25 October 2018
  • English
    (translated in French)
  • Paris,France

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