Generative Trance: A Process for Sustainable Creativity
Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D
Trance Camp

The training focuses on the work of Dr. Gilligan's Generative Trance, a way to connect with our deepest “creative self”, something essential when we set out to reach our goals, transform problems into opportunities, “fall in love” with our life and give Unleash our imagination.This course is practical, inspiring, deeply experiential and transformative. You will be learning different ways to help yourself / or lead a full and successful life, to free yourself from limitations that have weighed you for a long time and thus live your day to day in a state of wonder, awareness and connection. Based on 40 years of Dr. Gilligan's experience in hypnosis, trance, martial arts and creative change work, the process is original, practical, transformative and fun. Generative Trance is not the traditional trance in which we "put to sleep" the conscious mind and program the unconscious with external suggestions. The central idea that goes through the process is that creativity is a conversation between two worlds - the world of the creative unconscious, the "dreamer" or "visionary" and the "practical" and "realistic" world of the conscious mind. Each one needs the other and complements it. Generative Trance allows us to reach an integrated state of consciousness that “includes while transcending” both minds. You will be learning how, for what and when to use the Generative Trance to create a transformational change in any of the three general areas of our lives: professional (work), personal (intimacy, family, friendships) and the relationship with ourselves (body image, emotional history, "negative parts"). We will see how reality is constructed through mind-body maps and how in a Generative Trance we can access these identity maps securely in order to update, transform or create them again. This changes the "unconscious map" that guides a person in his life. This practical way to make these changes is facilitated by the Generative Trance model in 6 steps. The first step opens a creative space (I am safe, connected in a positive way. I am here). In the second step the intention is established (There is something I want to create), and it welcomes the central elements of the Generative Trance - objectives, resources, obstacles, beliefs, etc. The third step combines these ingredients to form a Generative Trance (I open myself to a special learning field). In the fourth step we transform the eventual obstacles into resources, in the fifth, transformational changes develop (I believe positive changes). In the sixth it is installed practices in our life that allow us to deepen the change in time is there when the lessons learned during the trance are incorporated into real life (I can live these changes in the world). By learning each of these steps you will be discovering how to make profound changes in your life carefully and effectively. This learning community fully supports you to integrate this into your daily life. We hope and hope that at the end of the training you can leave with a wonderful feeling of what is possible for you and for others in life.

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24 to 29 January 2020
  • English
    (translated in Spanish)
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

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