Residential Supervision
Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D
Generative Change Supervision Groups

Do not miss the unique opportunity of experiencing Stephen Gilligan ‘s supervision with a French touch in the South of France. A special and privileged moment to improve your skills and knowledge with the Master of Generative Change. A warm and easy – going atmosphere to create connections and sharing. You can take advantage of the beautiful surrounding and visit the area during the International Cinema Festival in Cannes. These groups are intensive therapist and coaching communities, with major work done at both professional and personal levels. We explore how and why to resonate with multiple levels of consciousness simultaneously– within one’s self, the client, and the therapy relationship. We explore how the skill base for doing this rests on developing generative levels of Somatic Mind (centered, aligned, flexible), Cognitive Mind (creative acceptance, positive utilization, curiosity, and transformational sponsorship), and Field Mind (opening beyond the problem, attuning resources from many states, going beyond the cognitive mind). This allows a deeper appreciation of how these higher states of consciousness can be used to dissolve the problem-defined self and strengthen a solution-oriented self that can skillfully move through and beyond any stuck places. These groups are legendary for their depth of community and the life-changing transformations that emerge from them.

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10 to 12 May 2018
  • English
    (translated in For French Speakers interactions will be facilitated by resource people)
  • Cannes,France

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