IAGC Professional Membership

Once you have achieved you Practitioner of Generative Change Certification the next step is to join our the IAGC as a professional member.

Professional Membership will enable you to be publicly recognized by the IAGC as one of our Generative Change professionals. We see that commitment to practice, supervision and on-going learning and development through CPD, is what we see it takes to be working as a Generative Change Professional.

Joining as a professional member will offer you the following benefits:

  • You will be listed as a Professional of Generative Change in our Professional Directory. You will be listed by level, languages spoken and country and have your email and phone contact details made available for the public to access.
  • You will have access to our exclusive professional membership area, with access to training films, professional forums, forums specific to your regional area. Monthly training exercises from Robert and Stephen and more.
  • Exclusive level specific branding from the IAGC for use on your own website and marketing listing you as an ‘IAGC Professional Member’.

Maintaining an active Professional membership is the pathway to your progression within the IAGC professional community and is a requirement for attaining our Advanced Practitioner of Generative Change.

2 Year Continuous Membership Benefits.

After two years of continuous membership we want to recognize your on-going commitment to being a Generative Change processional and you will receive the following additional benefits:

  • An expanded listing in our membership directory. First off you will be listed as a Professional Member and you will come up above the Level 1 ‘Associate Professionals; in searches by your country and your track. You will also be able to submit a short biography, include a picture, full contact details including website address, social media details, a list of your professional qualifications and the services you offer.
  • The opportunity to join by invitation as an assistant on our core courses.
  • The chance to submit articles for the IAGC website and for IAGC newsletters
  • The chance to submit proposals to speak at regional IAGC events and the annual IAGC conference.

This recognizes the commitment that you have made to your on-going journey as a professional in our IAGC community.

How to join become as a Professional Member:

Our criteria to join as a professional member:

  • A Practitioner of Generative Change Certification.
  • 10 Hours of Supervision with an authorized IAGC supervisor or as part of an authorized IAGC group supervision
  • 50 logged hours of client work or project work (Generative Consulting). All work to be logged and signed off with your supervisor.
  • Adherence to our Ethical Code of Conduct.
  • Annual Fee of $195/year* 

To join as a professional member download our membership form.

*If you have received a certificate in Generative Coaching, Generative Change, or Generative Consulting from 2017 onwards your first year’s membership is at the introductory price of $95

If you have attended Generative Coaching, Generative Trance or two of the DSG from 2015-2016, as an introductory offer to our past course participants your first year’s membership is at the introductory price of $95


Annual requirements

In order to maintain membership of the IAGC after the first year you will need to have maintained your client facing hours, supervision and CPD. The minimum annual requirement is:

  • 24 hours of CPD with Core IAGC or IAGC authorized affiliated programs. This can include up to 6 hours of online training.
  • Minimum 60 hours of one to one client work for members accrediting on Generative Coaching or Generative Trance or 150 working on a project for members accrediting as a Generative Consulting
  • Minimum of 12 hours of Supervision with an IAGC supervisor.


The annual requirements will be managed and signed off by your IAGC supervisor. To find out more about this process please contact us.