Our Vision, Mission, Role & Ambition


Our vision for the for the IAGC is that of bringing generative change work to multiple communities, both professional and cultural, throughout the world.  This vision is grounded in the idea of "Creative Collaboration", that is, developing patterns of "shared consciousness" that harmonize to realize positive transformation.  

We see the IAGC as significantly supporting the process of generative change in many contexts--individual change, cultural and cross-cultural change, and systemic change in companies and communities.  We see a world where coaches, psychotherapist, leaders, teachers, trainers and entrepreneurs are living principles of generative change and are creating a world to which people want to belong.



The mission of the IAGC is to provide the structures and tools to realize our vision of supporting Generative Change throughout the globe.

We are committed to bringing new models and methods to many communities and professions. We see so much hunger and interest throughout the world, and our mission is to be part of the solutions needed.  We want to empower and awaken people to creatively meet the challenges of our time, especially in terms of generative collaboration. 



Our ambition is start a movement that goes beyond us and in fact far beyond our lifetimes. Our ambition is nothing less than to change the world in a positive way; to really help create a generative world consciousness.

The IAGC is an international organization, with training organizations and certification programs in many countries.  We want to continue to grow these organizations and programs, so the tools of creative change are available to many people.  We want to further develop the IAGC website as a virtual hub the brings together people from all over the world--to meet, collaborate, exchange, and develop new realities.  

We want to remember that life will always teach us all that humility is at the heart of sustainable creativity.  Humility means that however powerful a person is,  real change comes from a deeper "shared consciousness".  One person can make a difference, many people generatively working together can transform the world.  We want to support the deeper practice of this vision.  


We see the role of the IAGC as being a "sponsor" of Generative Change work in the world.   We see the IAGC as a transformational organization where people can come together and creatively collaborate.  

A main role of IAGC is to bring specific "technologies of generative change" into people's conversational awareness and their skill base.  IAGC is an "association", a place where many groups and individuals can engage with each other and, through those connections, engage with the larger world.  The IAGC’s role is bringing people together to realize specific ways to collaborate and generatively realize positive visions.