Certified Practitioner of Generative Change

Certification Level 1

This is your entry point to the IAGC professional community.

This certification is available on successful completion of one of our core IAGC programs and courses: Generative Coaching or Generative Trance.

You can also attain this certification through attendance on two out of the three Dilts’ Strategy Group Programmes in Success Factor Modeling: Next Generation Entrepreneurship, Collective Intelligence or Conscious Leadership.

On successful completion of these courses you will be able to apply for IAGC Certification as a Practitioner of Generative Change in one of the 3 categories: 

Practitioner of Generative Change: Generative Coaching
Practitioner of Generative Change: Generative Trance
Practitioner of Generative Change: Generative Consulting*

(* For those of you accrediting with us through the DSG programmes)

Each of these certifications require successfully completing the core certification course in that area, both the in-class work and testing and additional criteria.


How to accredit with us:

From 2017 onwards the cost of certification is $95 and this is payable directly to the IAGC on successful completion of your training course.

As an introductory offer when you have paid for your certification you can will get a special price on Professional Membership of the IAGC at only $95 (usual price) $195

If you have attended Generative Coaching, Generative Trance or two of the DSG from 2015-2016, your previous certification is recognized by the IAGC in this new format. You can automatically convert your certification to one of the above categories and use the term ‘Certified Practitioner of Generative Change’ in your relevant core category.

As an introductory offer to our past course participants you can join the IAGC as a Professional Member at the introductory price of $95 (usual price $195)

If you have completed more than one of the core course, you can choose which path to progress through the IAGC within as your area of development.

For those of you that want to progress on multiple paths at the same time please email info@generative-change.com to discuss this with us.

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Definitions of being a Practitioner of Generative Change.

What it is:

This certification recognizes that you have achieved basic behavioral competencies in your core course. You are able to call yourself a Practitioner of Generative Change (with designated speciality area) on your marketing literature.

What it is not:

The basic certification diploma is not a professional license, and does not certify you as a “coach” or “therapist". It is meant as a supplement to your existing qualifications or licenses.


We are accepting membership applications from the 2nd quarter 2017. You can register your interest now by filling out the form below