Senior Professional Membership

IAGC Senior Professional Membership

On achieving our Advanced Practitioner of Generative Change Certification your membership status is automatically upgraded to our Senior Professional Membership

This is the highest level of IAGC Professional Membership. It is the “gold standard’ that recognizes you as a top-level IAGC practitioner, with significant experience and both professional and personal development.

You will be able to identify both as a Senior Professional Member of the IAGC and to have reached the skill level to identify as one of our Advanced Practitioners of Generative Change in your marketing and professional material. You will also receive level specific branding from us to help identify you as having achieved this standard of training.

At the moment this is the highest level of professional recognition that we offer within the IAGC for our members and to the wider public. Membership within the IAGC is a pathway of professional development and we want to recognise the commitment that you have undertaken to get to attain our Advanced Practitioner certification with the recognition of being a Senior Professional Member.

Being a Senior Professional member will offer you the following additional benefits:

  • A further expanded membership listing. To include any IAGC articles and research that you can submit to us and a place for client testimonials
  • To show up as a top listing in relevant searches both by country and by track.
  • ‘IAGC Senior Professional membership’ and ‘Advanced Practitioner of Generative change’ IAGC branded logo for use on your website and marketing.
  • Preferential opportunities with the IAGC to contribute articles, speak at conference etc.
  • We will offer the opportunity to be promoted via IAGC social media as a ‘highlighted Senior Professional
  • To have the opportunity to develop as both one of our authorised supervisors and to access forthcoming trainer trainings.

How to join become as a Professional Member

Our criteria to join as a professional member:

*Once you have attained our Advanced Practitioner of Generative Change Certification your first year’s membership is free

Annual requirements

  • 36 hours of CPD. This can include up to 12 hours of online training with IAGC approved programs. To enable open learning outside of the IAGC world at the Senior Professional Member level, CPD with reputable non IAGC trainers may be included if the case for this has been agreed with the supervisor and the benefits included in the Annual Development Review.
  • Minimum 80-100 hours of one to one client work or project work.
  • Minimum of 12 hours of Supervision with an IAGC supervisor . 

The annual requirements will be managed and signed off by your IAGC supervisor. To find out more about this process please contact us.