Types of Membership

We are accepting membership applications from 2nd quarter 2017. To register your interest in community membership click here and for professional memberships click here

You can join the IAGC either as a Community member or as a Professional Member.

Community Membership

If you want to participate in the IAGC community and receive the various benefits of general membership, one option is to join as a Community Membership.  This provides you with connection to many people in the IAGC community, and offers benefits such as exclusive access to our community members area; a dedicated IAGC community newsletter; exclusive community films taken from our training events; blogs; interactive communities; and special access and discounts on IAGC products and events.  

To find out more about community memberships and the benefits of joining click here

Professional Memberships

If you want to belong to the IAGC professional community,  you can join as a Professional Member.  We have two levels of Professional membership, corresponding to our two levels of IAGC Certification: Professional Member of the IAGC and Senior Professional Member of the IAGC . On each page you will find the criteria for joining plus the benefits that membership of the IAGC will offer you.