Angelika Vetter

Angelika Vetter

For the last five years, I live from my work with clients. My work now is to mentor, teach and train business-owners, who want to  TAKE, OWN & SERVE their calling, but in a way that they increase profits and revenue at the same time. 😉 Beside my university degree (with distinction) in educational science (deepened in psychotherapy and consulting, and I did my theses on educational self-responsibility), I  studied different approaches – in and outside of university and both,  ancient and new ones. A relevant activity to me is being born outside the box. (Or in the wasteland… 🙂 Which makes me do some things differently.  Which sometimes lead to a change in society (I.E. new laws like mutual childcare in Austria) It turned out, that this is actually a quite exciting state, that helps others, to widen or change their own perspectives easier. One of the most exciting activities is more a non-activity. My youngest daughter is 14 now and has never been educated in any
(traditional) way, which in Europe is not known, or forbidden by law. I  don’t have a place of residence and living in hotels and Airbnb’s since three years. The more unstable my environment became, the more stable and successful my client-relationships got. To me it is simply about following that, sometimes quite strange ideas, who nobody really knows where they are coming from and trust in what I like to call ones “soul-plan” aka unique path and potential. This is also, what my work is about. I help biz-owners to find that voice, listen to it, find the courage to take the challenge, own (or embrace) it and then serve their path, as a way to bring their (and their employees) unique potential to fruition for themselves and for our whole community here on earth – not limited to the human one. I don’t have any traditional awards, but some that I lend myself over time to honour my path. One for not having shut down my heart, despite it, got broken again and again. One for not having lost hope,  not even in that long dark nights of my soul, for not having lost that tiny thought that maybe, there is somebody who can help me find a way back to myself and to trust in that healing is possible. And one for a very helpful believe, that all that difficult experiences will make sense and will be of use someday. Which is now true.

Find your Tribe

In a world where coaches and consultants are popping up like mushrooms in a forest after a summer rain, it’s an excellent strategy to specialise on what I call your “ideal client” and support them. Becoming a  specialist in a specific area leads to joy, exceptional results and a healthy business. In this workshop, I guide each participant, through a process to gain clarity about their ideal clients and make the first adjustments in their business-structure, to be able to focus more on the desired outcome of their clients and reduce the time-investment on infra-structure and administration, along with increased revenue.


Chrisa T.S TzortzakiStratoudakis

Chrisa T.S TzortzakiStratoudakis

Chrisa’s ready to empower you to reach new levels with your creativity and productivity. A TEDx Speaker and a former Political Strategy Advisor,

she has extensive experience working with high performing people in high-pressure situations. Through her programs, workshops and retreats she guides women in STEM, entrepreneurs, writers, and other introverts through powerful experiences that help them improve their productivity and be more creative. Every Thursday, Chrisa hosts her own video show: The Chrisa Group Show, discussing personal development hot topics.

Most nights, you’ll find Chrisa at home with a cup of herbal Cretan tea, writing about life, love, business and everything else on her blog:

Who do you think you are?

Looking for the answer in ancient Greek philosophy and the principles of Generative Trance


Who are we? How can we be happy? Does our life have a purpose? Greek philosophers approached the big questions of life sometimes in a genuine scientific way, sometimes in mystic ways, but always in an imaginative way. Generative Trance allows for a safe, creative space to explore such questions and will stimulate the potential for deep identification change. A talk that will explore the human pursuit of finding the meaning of life through the prism of Dr Gilligan’s work with Generative Trance and Ancient Greek Philosophers such as: Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Pyrrho, etc. For some, it will be food for thought, but for some others, it will challenge their curiosity to find who they are, who they want to become and navigate through life’s changes in a creative state.


Christophe Delabroye

Christophe Delabroye

Christophe has been a consultant, trainer, and coach since 2012. His primary expertise lies in the areas of change management, leadership development, and interpersonal communication. He designs and facilitates learning programs and accompanies managers and their teams. His clients include major industrial groups as well as academic institutions (Ecole Centrale Marseille, IAE Aix-en-Provence).

Additionally, Christophe has 25 years of operational experience in international groups in the aerospace industry (AIRBUS helicopters, EADS), consulting (Deloitte & Touche), shipping (CMA CGM), and retail (REXEL). He has worked primarily in the areas of Human Resources Development (creation and management of several Corporate Universities) and process re-engineering (Lean Management).

Christophe is passionate about expanding and developing human potential and interpersonal relations, in order to help individuals in companies and beyond change, adapt and increase their performance.

Christophe has a Master’s degree in Management. He is a NLP Master Practitioner (NLP University, Santa Cruz, California) and Generative Consultant (Dilts Consulting Group, Santa Cruz, California). He is certified in the DISC and ComProfiles profiling tools. He is a certified coach in Systemic Coaching (Alain Cardon, METASYSTEME, Paris) and Generative Coaching (Robert Dilts & Stephen Gilligan, Institut Repère, Paris).

Key success factors in Innovative Leadership

with Sofi Larran

In this presentation you will explore the key elements of a new training program recently designed on Leadership for innovation, using elements from SFM I, II and III, generative business and NLP.


Daniel Charleton-Guitteaud

Daniel Charleton-Guitteaud

How a certain practice of Martial Art can bring a generative change in a workplace by using: Spirit (Shen), Technics (Waza), Body (ThaÏ)


This workshop is designed by two martial art practitioners, they have introduced some key principles of generative change in their practice, in order to enhance self-awareness, self-leadership, balanced relationships and technical performance. In this session, we will demonstrate the main steps and some specific applications.

Then you will practice during this workshop with archetypal energies, such as playfullness.

More importantly, you will be able to build the bridge into your workplace by modeling, cognitively and somatically your new discoveries.

Daniel Oil

Daniel Oil

NLP Trainer and communicator, with broad experience in Argentina and Latin America.
Personal and Team Coach

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1956
With a background in Systems Development, he has been founder and director in Kalenda Software, Intuitive ERP for Small Business. 1985 to date

NLP Master Trainer, NLPU
Ontological Coach, Escuela Argentina de PNL y Coaching
NLP Coach, The Society on NLP (Reese)
Generative Coaching Certification IAGC
Generative Trance Certification, IAGC

Director in Conciencia Generativa

Director in Hikari-Comunicación Generativa (Generative Communication) 2010 to 2017
Senior Trainer in Escuela Argentina de PNL y Coaching 2002 to date
Co-creator and facilitator in Tiempo de Magos. (With Daniel and Fernando Cuperman)
Tiempo de Magos is 12 day training divided in three modules that we have been offering in Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay since 2009

Asociación de Programación Neurolingüística de Argentina APNL.
(NLP Association of Argentina)
Co-founder and co-director in Red Latinoamericana de P.N.L.
(Latin American NLP Network)
Global NLP Training & Consulting Community- GTC

Latest ongoing project:
Conciencia Generativa (Generative Consciousness) with Matias Ortolá

Based on Generative Trance principles and further developments on some of its practices, we combine movement, words, gestures, music and voice to create an environment where participants can explore in depth the power of analog communication and the art of blessing.
If is offered as a seven month, once a week program, and also as a full 7 days intensive. The modules are also offered independently as weekend workshops. The last module is based on the Identity Matrix model, by Robert Dilts.

Generative Consciousness – Generative Change for everyday living


In this presentation, I will present the work we have been doing over the last five years: “Conciencia Generativa”. I want to describe the different aspects of the training where we recognize, explore and develop many of our analogue communication skills through activities with high right hemisphere involvement.
Including principles of traditional Indian yoga and Chinese internal arts, we use live music, movement and singing. We invite the participants to adopt or create practices allowing us to change our state of consciousness at will in daily life.

It includes further developments on some of the classic Generative Trance practices and Robert Dilts’s Matrix of Identity.

I plan to include video recordings of the workshops I have run in different cities in Argentina.

Dr. Till Neunhöffer

Dr. Till Neunhöffer

Dr. Till Neunhöffer is a speaker, coach and trainer in the field of collaboration, leadership, conflict resolution and goal achievement. Till holds a Ph.D in

Astro-Particle Physics and a Master’s Degree in Mediation and Conflict Resolution.

He is trained in NLP, Generative Coaching, Hypnosystemic Cognintuition and Leadership Embodiment. After more than 10 years in leadership positions in the

telecommunication industry, Till turned his attention to the question “how to effectively reach goals in a collaborative manner.” Till combines the perspectives of a

natural scientist, an experienced business person, a mediator, a coach, and a martial artist, into a colourful mix of analytical, intuitive, and embodied views. His vision is to establish a systematic approach that transforms conflicts into generative change. Till holds a 4th-degree black belt in Aikido and lives with his wife and three kids in Germany.

Generative Escalation Management – Enter the GAP

Generative Problem Solving works best on complex problems. It benefits from a  certain kind of attitude. And it benefits from a certain procedure, how to address the issue.  In this entertaining presentation, we will discuss both processes and bearing.

There are two key exhortations to take away. The first is: Enter the GAP There should be a gap between the question and the answer; between problem and solution;  between conflict and resolution. In this gap, three key questions need to be addressed: -> Is the problem understood? -> Are the criteria of a good solution clear?  -> What do we have on the “have-side” – what resources are at hand. This meta procedure is easy to remember, and very powerful in application. It kind of lets the martial artist, the mediator, and the coach take turns in the preparation of the problem solution… If the GAP is created the ask is to fully step into it in order to address the person. The GAP becomes the safe environment in which to create one’s generative state, become one’s full self, and in a sense, receive healing through the process of generative problem-solving. As a basis for that the second exhortation is:  CHARM FIRST In utilizing on one of the most well-known memes of our time, we should always put our good state first. What in Generative Coaching is known as  “COACH state” in Generative Escalation Management is called “CHARM state”.

They are more or less the same thing – yet CHARM FIRST seems more easily remembered by people outside a coaching context. Also, under pressure, remaining Relaxed and  Mindful are extremely helpful as well. Drawing heavily on the unexpected but powerful parallels between the martial art of Aikido and the conflict resolution approach of mediation – in essence, Generative Escalation Management teaches how to deal with the Inner Escalation. This talk will probably have the audience on its feet for a while to not only listen and see – but also participate and feel.

Elisabeth Falcone

Elisabeth Falcone

Having started her career as a management controller in national and international groups, she had the opportunity to understand the global operation of organizations and the various levers and brakes involved. As a certified NLP teacher  Society of NLP and Master-Trainer NLPU, she has various reading grids that enable her to accurately identify the strategic needs and behavioural skills necessary for the growth and development of individuals and organizations. SFM2 (Collective  Intelligence) Certified Facilitator and Trainer, SFM3 (Leadership Conscient) and  Generative Consulting, she trained with Robert Dilts, is part of Dilts Strategy Group and Robert Dilts Leadership Team. She is one of the co-authors with Robert Dilts of  the book : “PERICEO – Teams and organizations, develop your collective intelligence capabilities”, offering an exclusive tool to diagnose the level of collective intelligence present in teams and organizations. Elisabeth is also a coach, author and speaker.

Access the best version of yourself!

This concept aims at supporting individuals, groups and organizations to access a  better version of themselves in an evolutionary and holistic way, starting from the individual dimension, in a generative way.

Holistic means taking into account all dimensions of an individual life: Professional,  social, spiritual and personal:  the idea is to make everyone aware of how they take care of themselves in terms of things like diet, meditation, sleep, intellectual challenge (how I “boost” my brain) and  exercises

Taking personal care has a direct impact on the quality and level of our energy, although, we seldom realize it, or integrate it into our lives.

It is only through listening to ourselves that we can achieve what we want.

Whatever our dreams are: without energy, we can do nothing. The more numerous and higher our dreams are,  the more we must take care of ourselves to allow our generativity to grow and manifest in a perpetual process and movement!

This talk aims to give practical ways to bring self care into action

Emanuela Mazza

Emanuela Mazza

I’m a PCC – Professional Certified Coach ICF, NLP Trainer Certified at  NLPU by Robert Dilts, Communication Skills in Medicine at Cattolica  University in Rome (School of Medicine and Surgery), I translated the  Italian edition of Entrepreneurs Next Generation written by Robert Dilts  and I collaborate with him about Success factor Modeling for Healthcare  Systems: we launched in June 2019 a study in Italy. I am the National  Represantative of EACH – International Association for Communication in  Healthcare and the President of a patient’s association: Liver Transplant  Friends Association, because I did a liver transplant 16 years ago for a  fulminant hepatitis caused by a medication. I have a degree in literature  and I usually train health professionals for continuing education  seminars/workshops about communication and soft skills. I have 4  children. I published three books (in Italian language): – Quando ti svegli.  Storia di un trapianto di fegato (When you wake up. A liver transplant  history), Armando Editore, 2005, autobiographical. – La relazione  medico-paziente. Manuale di comunicazione per i professionisti della  salute. (The doctor-patient relationship. Communication manual for  health professionals), Edizioni Enea, 2016 – Destinazione Te stesso. Crea  il tuo secondo tempo migliore. (Destination Yourself), a life coaching book based on logical levels, with the preface written by Robert Dilts,  Edizioni Enea, 2018.

Success Factor Modeling for Healthcare Systems 


Success Factor Modeling for Healthcare Systems is the first study with the application of SFM methodology in the healthcare field.

The study started in June 2019 and will last 4 years. The Purpose of the Success Factor Modeling for Health Study is identifying “What are the factors that determine the success of individuals, teams, and organizations within the Health Care System”. What is the difference that makes the difference in the successes of the Health System? This is the key question, looking at all the players in the different areas of the complex health system.

The study takes place in 3 phases, and the expected duration is four years: 1) The first phase by an online questionnaire: to define what SUCCESS means and the different criteria according to the multiple perspectives in the different sectors/roles within the Health System.
2) The second phase by an online questionnaire: to explore the different levels of success factors referred to specific examples of situations/cases of success.
3) The third phase by face-to-face interviews: an in-depth qualitative analysis of the factors that contributed to the success of the concrete cases that will be selected from those that emerged in the two previous phases

The study is aimed at a variety of stakeholders that operate all over teh health system: doctors, nurses and other health professionals, patients, and their  family members/caregivers, public / private healthcare / public service  organizations, local, regional institutions, national and international,  universities, specialization schools, research centers, patient and professional associations, scientific societies, companies, health insurance, etc.

During this presentation, we will describe the different meanings of SUCCESS for the various stakeholders involved, as well as looking at the different levels of success factors in the Healthcare  System that emerged from the study.

Evelina Dzimanaviciute

Evelina Dzimanaviciute

Evelina is a founder and director of Elite Mind Academy, offering unique,  neuroscience-based Leadership Development solutions to individuals and organizations. As an L&D Consultant, Trainer and Coach with prior therapeutic background, she is known for enabling leaders to thrive under stress and helping them to transform past traumas, current challenges and changes into new future opportunities for growth and personal development. Evelina has spent over the last decade researching neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, interpersonal neurobiology, as well as eastern philosophy in attempt to answer the question what makes the difference between certain individuals who thrive under challenges, and others who crumble with similar experiences. She has worked in management and training roles developing leaders, as well as supporting suicidal, anxious, stressed and depressed individuals, helping them to successfully integrate back into the workforce. Evelina is an inspiring public speaker, presenting on topics of stress,  leadership development, and organizational wellbeing, as well as sharing her inspirational personal story. She can be found presenting at HR and wellbeing events,  International NLP Conference, and private networking events. Evelina has BA(Hons)  degree in International Relations, Diploma of Arts, NVQ in Leadership and  Management, Diploma of Learning and Development, Teaching and Assessing, and is a certified Master NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, and Generative Coach. Evelina is a  member of CIPD, IAGC, and TVCC. When she is not working, she can be found exploring nature and history, painting, swimming, doing yoga, or lost in a book from her own library collection.

Generative Identity: How to continuously reinvent yourself in the face of VUCA environment


As coaches and practitioners of generative change, we understand the importance of maintaining our best coach state. Yet the attempt to hold on to the coach state and expectation to maintain it at all times despite the adversity can cause unnecessary  tension in our minds and bodies, producing the opposite results. The aim of this talk  is to offer an alternative way of looking at our identity and our own coach state, as  fluid, adaptable, continuously evolving and growing entity, that in turn can offer a  helpful tool to better deal with challenges in our environment and remove unhelpful  expectations.

This talk will question the way we evaluate ourselves as coaches and  individuals, and will offer evolutionary reasons for a commonly negative self-talk. It  will look at different contributions of archetypal fierceness, playfulness, tenderness,  as well as reflective wisdom, and how to utilise those energies to shape the dynamic  field of the current situation and our own inner state.

It will offer practical tools and  insightful question to shape the perception of who we are, and courage to feel  comfortable with uncertainty. This approach allows us to transcend our own egos by  connecting to the energy of the field and helps us to create the ability to influence the  situation around us in a generative, positive ways.

You will feel inspired and  motivated by a different outlook about their own abilities and identities.

During this session, you will be able to construct unique roles and personalised energetic fields that can be used to effectively adapt your best coach state to challenging  environments and situations and use it as an additional tool to help their clients.

In the coaching environment, this will offer practical tools to maintain the energy of the shared field and the individual coach state, while in a consulting business environment it will help to shift the negative energy from situational overwhelm to individual empowerment and cohesiveness of the team. It will also offer practical strategies to  refuel our own energy during the day to ensure we don’t deplete our reserves when  supporting others.

Nathalie Lebas

Nathalie Lebas

Nathalie is a Generative Coach, NLP Trainer, and Generative Change Supervisor. She is co-heading IAGC France with Giorgia Sanfiori and Béatrice Arnaud. Nathalie is passionate about human beings, Generative Change, and Dance. She studied NLP with Robert Dilts at NLPU (Santa Cruz-California, USA) and is planning to develop the 4th generation of NLP with other NLP Trainers in the world. She is Robert Dilt’s interpreter in France for some trainings. She practices Generative Trance (that she learned from her other mentor, Steve Gilligan) with her clients and is bringing this work into business. In 2000, Nathalie was specialized in trainings in management, communication and sales efficiency. As a transformational coach and trainer, she works with executive members and managers in different companies to help them define new strategies, visions, missions, ambitions and roles in order to respond to the challenging, changing world of business. She works with them individually and collectively in trainings with generative collaboration and collective intelligence. She also specializes in Women’s Leadership and works with women in order to re-humanize transformational ventures, to give them more of a place in business, and to make the glass ceiling disappear. As a coach, she contributes to helping people make their talents, potential, and resources emerge, to be the change they want to see in the world. Thanks to IAGC France, Nathalie wants to spread Generative Change all over the world, all the work of Steve Gilligan and Robert Dilts to create new generative trainings. She also works in health, especially with women with breast cancer. She helps them to recover and have access to their deep femininity, reconnect to their emotions and body with Generative Somatic Dance in order to find their healing path

A Journey of self-discovery


We all live in a world that mainly keeps us in our thoughts. Sometimes we can even be dissociated from our bodies.
This workshop will help you to integrate how generative presence, human connection is important to reconnect with ourselves, with our source.

  • How to be centered and mindful of your body?
  • How to be connected with your somatic mind?
  • How to find your deeper human connection and use it each day of your life?
  • How can you Integrate your inner flow and let it go inside and outside of yourself?
  • How to be connected with your emotions and let your somatic mind and your body express this?
  • How to be in the present moment?
  • How can a leader prepare to be in an optimal state of performance?
  • Letting your body express generative somatic movement will help individuals, Leaders in business to be more aligned in their own personal and professional life.

There will be a presentation and then a real experience of dance with music!

This workshop is a real journey of self-discovery!

Colette Normandeau

Colette Normandeau

Colette Normandeau is an international NLP master trainer and certified executive and life NLP coach. She is a Success Factor  Modeling™ I, II and III facilitator, Generative consultant and member of Robert Dilts Leadership Team. She has NLP training school called  L’essentiel, in Quebec City, Canada and has trained NLP enthusiasts  (practitioners to master trainers) around the world (Morocco, France,  USA, Mexico, UK, Finland). Since 2001, Colette has accompanied,  through trainings, conferences, coaching and consulting, thousands of entrepreneurs, CEO’s, leaders, teams, coaches and individuals to become more aligned and connected in there Being, empowered to  succeed in there actions and living and leading daily in a more conscious, creative and Heart-Based way. She is author of French book : Ê.T.R.E. enfin soi-même- A guide to self-coaching and awakening. Inspired by a vision she had at NLPU in 2016, for the future of NLP and our world, she initiated, in 2017, the first NLP 4th  generation co-creation movement in Bali, Indonesia. A movement based on developing Spiritual Intelligence within ourselves, our NLP  community and all of humanity.

Awakening Spiritual Intelligence in Business

BEcoming an effective leader in business is all about awakening and using multiple intelligences. We are aware that cognitive, emotional,  somatic, relational, systemic intelligence make a big difference in achieving desired business success. What about Spiritual  Intelligence? What about increasing our Spiritual Quotient in the  Business realm? If spiritual leaders such as Jesus, Mohammed,  Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Dalai Lama, Nelson  Mandela, Buddha, or Thich Nhat Hanh had established there SFM I  Circle of SuccessTM what would it look like? As a business leader,  what would your Circle of Spiritual Success look like? What generative change would it create in an organization? Let’s be curious and engage in this generative conversation and exploration.  Find out what it means to integrate SI/SQ in business and enrich your map by discovering SI best practices in Business.

Patricia Conlon 

Patricia Conlon 

An experienced HR Executive with over 20 years of experience in the  Tech and Pharma sectors. I have a Masters in Business (emphasis on  Employee Retention) . I run my own business and work with companies from start-up through scaling and growth phases. I am a  Master Trainer in NLP and have extensive experience in Systemic family and business systems. People culture is my strength, working with leadership teams to design & shape their cultures. One company  I worked with was awarded – Great Place to Work and was listed on both occasions it entered as a Best Small Company to Work In –  Ireland 2016 and 2018. I am all about balancing Ego & Soul in  Business I help people who want change in their lives, their roles,  their leadership style and how they communicate. I work with leaders to design and sculpt their teams – setting them up for success and embedding a culture of respect and accountability.

Generative Human Resources – Embracing the Future 


Fundamentally the role of Human Resources needs to change to embrace a world that is changing so rapidly that people skills,  leadership ability to adapt and deal with resistance lags behind, becoming reactive to changes that come from Senior Leadership.

Team make up and membership change rapidly, often leaving people  leaders struggling to rebuild and re-establish bonds within their  teams. These same leads are very often also responsible for dealing  with performance levels for members of their teams and rely on HR  to support them in this process. They are often ill equipped to deal  with the people challenges they encounter on a daily basis. HR  generally sits centrally within companies and own the legal element  of the employment relationship with Talent Management and  employee development sitting under the global umbrella of HR.

Traditional HR is being challenged with online platforms replacing  existing traditional HR processes as HR on-boarding now moves to  employees as they self serve through online systems. Effectively  reducing any direct interaction between new hires and HR and any  potential to build connections and relationships. Potentially  reinforcing HR’s susceptibility in seeing people as resources rather  than seeing people as individual contributors to a system.

I propose  HR itself has to see an organisation as a system – becoming  decentralized and sitting within teams and throughout the  organisation supporting people leaders. Human Resources need to  become Resourceful to Humans These Resources become experts in  people connection & communication skills, working directly with  people leaders to constantly support and develop them. Enabling  these leaders to deal with rapid change, building connectivity and  trust within their teams, dealing with performance and under  performance. Ensuring a consistent people experience regardless of  where a person works within a system.

These Resources constantly  rotate throughout the business so they in turn continuously up skill  and have full awareness of all aspects of a business – creating an  awareness of inter dependencies and possibilities of cross  pollination of ideas throughout the business. System thinking being  core to everything they do. At a higher level this system is set up to  self organize working directly with senior leadership to cascade  rapidly changing requirements throughout the organisation and build  resilience and consistency to the leaders they support. Enabling the

Antonio Meza 

Antonio Meza 

Antonio Meza is an independent communication consultant,  corporate facilitator, executive coach and graphic facilitator. He holds a major degree in Communication Sciences from the  Universidad de las Americas Puebla in Mexico, and a Master’s degree in Cinema Studies from Université de Paris 3, Sorbonne Nouvelle. He is certified as a Generative Coach and also in the three levels of  Success Factor Modeling. He is passionate about leadership and inspirational communication. He was awarded champion of public speaking in Western Europe by Toastmasters International in 2015,  year in which he offered his winning speech as a TED talk in TEDx  Clermont Ferrand. As a graphic facilitator, he supports organizations to imagine their added value in the future and to communicate it with simple and fun visuals or with the art of storytelling. He has co-authored 8 books as an illustrator including the 3 volumes of  Success Factor Modeling, The Periceo Tool and Mastermind groups.  His passion is to support people to go from blah blah to aha! by getting clarity of their purpose and communicate it in a clear and compelling way.

Generative Inspirational Leadership


Culture eats strategy for breakfast. Most organisations confuse  Vision and Ambition, and because of that they miss precious  opportunities to generate a culture that implement strategy in an  effective way. Generative Inspiring Leadership is the art of  connecting to the difference that you want to create in the world  using different intelligences and then communicating it in a clear and  compelling way so that people can fall in love with your vision and  are willing to construct and implement a strategy that transform  vision into reality. It is also the craft on how to guide a leader or a  board of directors to accomplish this. In this fun and collaborative  workshop you will reconnect to your sense of purpose and get clarity  on how to communicate it to others. You will also integrate the steps  on how to facilitate this exercise with your clients.

Christine Wank

Christine Wank

Christine is the founder of the Generative Facilitation Institute ( dedicated to offering unique capacity building programs to inspire and nurture leaders, facilitators, coaches and change-makers around the globe to effectively facilitate generative change and transformation and to become masters in both the inner and outer game of generative facilitation.

Christine is an experienced international facilitator, trainer, and coach in the field of generative facilitation and change, leadership, innovation and organizational development. She is passionate about facilitating meaningful transformations and generative change in people, teams, organizations, and society – with curiosity, compassion, and courage. For the last 2 decades, she has worked with leaders, multi-cultural teams and organizations from business, government, research, and NGOs worldwide helping them reach their full potential and shape the world in a responsible way.

She is also one of the Regional Representatives of the IAGC Chapter of the German-speaking countries (DACH).

Generative Facilitation: The Art of Shifting Fields From Reactive to Regenerative


In this experiential and practical 2 hours workshop, we will dive into a  personal and collective learning journey on how we can facilitate shifts from a reactive to a more (re)generative way of dealing with challenges and of relating with self, others and the world. After a  short introduction you will experience a Generative Facilitation process that allows you to leverage the regenerative power in people and organizations so that deeper transformational changes, healing, and nourishment become possible. You can apply the approach of  Generative Facilitation to your own practice field and work with leaders, groups, and organizations to increase your impact as facilitator, trainer, coach or consultant. We will reflect and share  several ways how you can use this approach of Generative

Frits Wilmsen

Frits Wilmsen

Frits Wilmsen is a partner of Frits Philips jr and partners ( –  the Netherlands) Frits is passionate about leadership and the importance and possibility of leadership development. He is motivated by the idea that better leaders make for a better world.  Together with his colleagues at FP&P, he has shaped a systemic model for leadership and organizational development that offers a  method for personal- and team development aimed at creating high  performance organizations. Impeccable Leadership aligns cognitive and somatic components to enhance embodiment and align the head, heart, and gut in order to move towards being-based leadership. As the chairman of the Foundation for Impeccable  Leadership, Frits enjoys grasping the finesses of the principles,  function, and meaning of leadership. Degrees (Selection): • Labor and  Organizational Psychology (MSc level, O.University Heerlen, the  Netherlands) • Postdoc Knowledge management (Post Msc, Radbout  University Nijmegen, the Netherlands) • Certified Transpersonal  Coaching and Counseling (Drs Eric Schneider, Arcturus institute,  Belgium) • NLP trainer (Drs Eric Schneider, Arcturus institute,  Belgium) • Certified in Generative Coaching (IAGC, Robert Dilts and  Dr. Stephen Gilligan)

Creating breakthrough experiences with the Transformation Process Model

In this experiential and practical 2 hours workshop, we will explore the forcefield of cognitive goals and our behavioral strategies when under pressure, thus being in CRASH state enacting our reactive patterns, and how we can transform them. After a short introduction,  you can explore a structured dialogue and generative process called  Transformational Process Model (TPM) that allows you to connect inner dots. It has been designed to help on a practical and intuitive level to highlight the often hidden structures and deeper leverages for change and transformation. And to contribute to transcend blockages or dysfunctional behavior. Moreover, it helps to navigate personal, social, and moral complexity.

We will dive into a personal  and collective journey on how we can facilitate shifts from a reactive to a more (re)generative way of dealing with challenges and of  relating with self, others, and the world. You can apply the TPM  approach – which is part of a broader framework and leadership technology called Impeccable Leadership – to your practice field and  your work with leaders, groups, and organizations to increase your  impact as a leader, trainer, coach, or consultant. This proven ‘social  technology’ has been successfully tested and applied in diverse  contexts with leaders, teams, and organizations across sectors and  cultures.

Jacques Fuchs 

Jacques Fuchs 

Jacques started to help entrepreneurs reaching their goals in 1985. Later  on, in 1998, he went into transformation and was trained as a transformational coach. Several years later, in 2010, he meets the generative approach (Two-point method) and begins to co-train in this field. In the same years and the following, he is also trained and certified  on the following tools: – Enneagram – Spiral Dynamics (Graves, Beck &  Cowan) – Systemic organizational coaching – Organizational life cycle model (Adizes) – Sociocracy Beyond Generative Coaching, Generative  Trance & generative collaboration (collective intelligence) facilitation (and facilitator trainer), he is also trained as an Organizational and  Relationship Systems Coach. He is also accredited by IAGC as a supervisor, including generative collaboration / collective intelligence. He is fond of music (playing saxophone) and is passionate about helping people and organizations to find the deepest Essence as well as the  Essence of things. He’s Vision is a World where Transformation and access to it’s deepest Essence is easy. The associated Mission is to: –  bring the keys to transformation and effectiveness – making everything easy ! The roles holding this Mission include: Disruptive innovation  booster Facilitator of swift, easy and smooth trance-mutation/trance-formation for individuals, teams and organizations. Revealer of hidden Talents Catalyst and Facilitator of  Transe-formations and 4th generation Collective Intelligence  Interventions in french or english (german in progress)

The outcomes of the double logic levels model in generative work


More information coming soon!

Jean François Thiriet

Jean François Thiriet

Hi There, Today, I teach SFM tools and deliver SFM training in France and abroad. I created the Mastermind Business Academy to promote the skills of Mastermind Groups Facilitation. I am a member of the LEAD mastermind group run by Jay Fiset.

Generative Supervision


Being supervised is a key component of a never-ending learning journey as a generative practitioner, it involves reflective practices that get people to integrate multiple intelligences into a self-discovery journey.  This talk will present the 7 eyes model of coaching supervision and how to use a generative mindset and generative tools in the process of supervision.

Jon Sleeper 

Jon Sleeper 

Jon is an experienced Executive and Generative Coach, as well as a Lean-Agile  Consultant helping leaders, teams, and organizations to achieve effective change. Jon specializes in engaging with leaders working with organizational change to help them to lead the way and achieve successful outcomes for themselves, their teams and the overall environment. My qualifications (both educational and professional) are listed  in my CV, which has been attached above

Leveraging Generativity in the Digital Age – DoBeDoBeDo 


Digital technology is disrupting organizations across all sectors and geographies.  Mobile devices provide a constant stream of information and each of us has to decide where we place our attention in each moment.

This brings us to the heart of being generative, within ourselves and also in the field. We see today that, especially,  leaders feel challenged, if not yet overwhelmed by two things: The first is the digital pressure to use technology and even let machines make decisions that seem to limit the freedom of leadership to quite an extent. What is leadership for, if the key decisions are taken by artificial intelligence? The second challenge lies in the need to have every person in a system, unleash their creativity. In today’s VUCA worlds a  company’s responses must be quick, flexible, and innovative. What an interesting balance to achieve: enable people to thrive and machines to be part of the business.


Generative Digital leadership combines the generative state with agile values and principles that respect people, foster human and machine collaboration that is generative at its heart. Generative Digital leadership introduces a set of practices to be done regularly to support the generative state and the agile being; integrating the restrictions of the machine as a resource into the field. From a strong center and connection to the self, this can tap into the guts of who we are, our resources and what we can create in a truly innovative way. The environment created is alert to the energy in the field and awakened to the infinite possibilities that can be generated in the future.

This talk will take you through these ideas and give you a set of simple takeaways back to your teams that you are working with.

“To be is to do.” Neitzche.  “To do is to be.” Sartre. “Do be do be do.” Sinatra


Jörg Dierkes

Jörg Dierkes

Jörg Dierkes is a psychotherapist (hypnosis, hypnosystemic therapy), generative coach, mindfulness trainer and Qi Gong teacher from Germany. As a therapist and coach, he holds a practice in Osnabrueck and gives singles sessions for clients
interested in healing, personal development, or enhancing their abilities in their career, sports or private lives.
He studied intensively with Steve Gilligan since 2000, with Thich Nhat Hanh since 2001 and has become a mindfulness teacher for the Germany monastery/ Buddhist institute “EIAB” founded by Thich Nhat Hanh. He visited China for 10 years to study the healing art of Qi Gong from original masters at traditional Chinese Qi Gong places. He worked for two years as a psychotherapist in the “systelios” psychosomatic/hypnosystemic clinic which was co-founded by Dr. Gunther Schmidt, one of the leading therapists and coaches in Germany.

Generative Trance meets Zen- The practice of touching the earth and total relaxation 


In this workshop, two main practices of the Plum Village/ Thich Nhat Hanh tradition will be described and practiced. One is called touching the earth in which the practitioner is imagining becoming a tree that has different roots where it receives its nourishing energies from. Two roots are: one’s own family and one’s own land ancestors.

These sources provide both positive and negative qualities that each person inhibits in the form of feelings, beliefs, and values, etc.

The principle of the exercise is easy: letting go of what is not nourishing and strengthening what is helpful. Another root is the spiritual family from which one can receive support as well as going back to become the “ocean of life”. Before we practice this exercise that contains standing and laying/ kneeling on the earth we will describe and see how generative trance and this practice can enrich and support each other. It will also be described how versions of this practice might be included in a single session with a  client or with groups.

The second practice is named „Total relaxation“ and is a form of self healing and gratitude ritual for their own body. This is best exercised lying down. The presenter will demonstrate the exercise by leading you through the process of connecting with your body, your inner organs, eventual sick places using imagination and sounds to provoke regeneration and a positive connection to your body. This ritual is resting but also goes beyond that. This method can be used as a  self trance method during the day or before sleeping.

Some research studies from the field of “psychoneuroimmunology” will be discussed in order to show the possible scientific effects of these kinds of methods.

Julian Russell

Julian Russell

Julian is an executive coach working with global organizations on 3 continents helping people increase their emotional intelligence and their leadership ability. He is founder of the Life Talent Program, a personal development accelerator for people who want to fulfill their potential in their personal and professional lives. He runs personal transformation retreats in the UK, Spain, Greece, and China. He has been on his own path of personal exploration for 40 years and leading others on theirs since the 1980s. He became an NLP trainer and helped to introduce NLP into the UK in the 1980s, helping to establish NLP communications skills as part of the management development curriculum. He is a co-author, with Robert Dilts and Anne Deering, of the book Alpha Leadership – Tools for Business Leaders Who Want More Out of Life (Wiley and Co, 2002) and also co-author, with Cynthia Indriso, of The Business Leader as an Incurable Deviant, and in Stephen Gilligan’s Walking in Two Worlds: The Relational Self in Theory and Practice (Zeig, Tucker & Thiessen, 2004). He introduced NLP communication skills into the business world in the 1980s and was one of the first executive coaches in the UK in 1992. He has run coaching master classes for the Academy of Executive Coaching and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). He is also a former trustee of Re-Vision, a Psychosynthesis training charity, and a former board member of the UK Association for NLP (ANLP). He is a UKCP registered psychotherapist, holds a 2nd dan black-belt in Aikido, practices yoga and Five Rhythms dance and is a long-term close student of a Buddhist Master.

“Your wound is also your gift”: how to fulfill your potential in life 

For Advanced Practitioner only

Making the most of what is great about you is not enough. True Personal  Transformation only takes place when you have turned your deepest wounds into gifts. You have your resources pulling your forward and your old disempowerments slowing you down. Healing techniques reduce the disempowerment, but only when you have turned your old wounds into resources can you express your full potential.

Your old difficulties become part of the wisdom, compassion, and enthusiasm that you offer to others. The deep wisdom you have received from healing your old hurts can have an exponential effect on your vision, calling, talents and resources.

This transformation model draws on my own personal journey. I came from a very messed up family. My mother had post-traumatic stress from being a front-line ambulance driver in the 2nd world war, my father was alcoholic and bankrupt, my uncle and my twin brother died of drug-overdoses.

For me, the choice was between transformation and death. I started the journey of transformation when I was 15. My model of personal transformation is indebted to Robert Dilts’ Systemic NLP and Steve Gilligan’s Relational Self model, both precursors to the Generative Change field.

During the workshop, I will show how the model fits with and supplements the  Generative Change model.

Julie Pluchot

Julie Pluchot

President, Coach and Facilitrice, Or’Ison, Lyon Region, France

General Director, STLI, Lyon Region, France

Generative presence for a conscious parenthood and a creative school


Generativity​: the “ability to transcend personal interests to provide care and concern for younger and older generations.”

To pass on​: “Move from one person to another. To pass something on to those who then come, to their descendants, to posterity.”

Whether it’s in our role as parents, teachers, coach, we are committed to ensuring that our children are in tune with themselves and the world around them.

I believe that learning, growing, awakening is the result of a free choice and a desire.

The deployment of innovative tools and practices contributes to opening the field and to improve the education and teaching system, such as positive psychology, Montessori, active listening, Steiner philosophy.

Therefore, there are things that fall within our purview: “I can pass it on to my child” – like a seed Others who are not: I can’t force my child to accept the “seed.”

So, What does “educate” or “teach” mean nowadays? Instead of looking for tools for my child to learn, what could be the “middle way” to allow me to pass on to them and offer liberty for choosing, at the same time?

Kathleen Dameron 

Kathleen Dameron 

Right now, I am particularly interested in the intersection of Generative coaching and Black female populations. I ran a coaching and training company for 27 years, KD Conseil then was Director of ON-line leadership courses for a leading French business school. Using the efficacity as well as enabling of coachees, is of special interest to me as I facilitate 2  non-profit programs for Black women: * a program for women who have been excised * Afro-French woman from underprivileged backgrounds who are on a successful trajectory in mainstream French life.

Generative Trance & Coaching: Bridging the Cultural Diversity – Exploring  its impact with Afro European populations


More information coming soon!

Dr. Klaus-Peter Pfeiffer 

Dr. Klaus-Peter Pfeiffer 

Dr. Klaus-Peter Pfeiffer studied philosophy, theology, comparative religions at the University Bonn. He got his Ph.D. in philosophy with a thesis about the meaning of life. After working at the university for several years he became a professional trainer,  coach, and consultant. He made his childhood passion for performing magic into a  profession as well with shows in theatres, cruise ships, trade shows, private parties, and corporate events. Nowadays he uses his magic and acting skills as metaphorical interventions mostly in the corporate world. Being a certified NLP Trainer and  Generative Coach amongst many other certifications, he broadens his studies in many areas, e.g. spirituality, psychotherapy in all its developments, personal growth,  leadership, and organizational change,

His life-long interest in writing culminated in many articles and books. The recent ones are his book: “Coaching with Magic –  Magical methods for coaches, trainers & leaders (foreword Robert Dilts)” His newest essay: “Spirituality – the new buzz word in business? A critique with positive intent”  will be published in December 2019. (all in German, articles in English in preparation)

His specialties in training are leadership, personal and professional development and  Peer Counseling. Besides his training and coaching business, he currently is the project leader of a Peer Counseling program. “Change takes courage. I know that from personal experience. I’m legally blind since the age of three. I have experienced  that challenges can offer new possibilities and seemingly impossible goals can be  achieved.”

Changing the Unchangeable – Generative Coaching in the face of life’s most  challenging situations 


Getting handicapped, becoming disabled can happen to each of us. Anytime,  anywhere, anyhow – physically, mentally, psychologically. In the era of demographic change, people getting older and older, some of the disabilities are more or less inevitable, e.g. reduced ability of your sense. How to deal with that? How to prepare for this?

Dr. Pfeiffer, a survivor of a brain tumor at the age of three and legally blind since then, has faced many “unchangeable” situations – and changed them.

This topic doesn’t apply to a select group of people. Feeling abandoned, special in a negative way, not belonging, not good enough, smart enough, beautiful enough, etc. are issues many people have to deal with.

These are generative issues and Generative Coaching can be used to resolve them. In the concept of Peer Counseling or Peer Coaching people learn how to utilize their own life experience and their most burdening problems – unchangeable or not – to create a life of new possibilities, hope and joy.

Dr. Pfeiffer developed a Peer Counseling training program and implemented  principles of Generative Coaching. With that some miracles have been accomplished.

The talk gives an eye-opening overview about this topic and the implementation of  Generative Coaching into Dr. Pfeiffer’s Peer Counseling approach.

Lúcia Roberta de Albuquerque Luna 

Lúcia Roberta de Albuquerque Luna 


Generative Family: Working Together and Creating a Generative Community 


Father, mother and daughter working together. One day at the Generative Coaching  Course, Stephen Gilligan was amazed that we applied techniques like each other that are from the same family and were called by the Generative Family. We have had an  NLP Institute, CIH, Human Integration Center for over 30 years and classes together.  We have done a Trainer training with Ed and Maryanne Reese in Europe from the  Southern Institute. Since 2006, we have started taking courses with Robert Dilts and  Debora Bacon on “Identity Level Coaching”, after several others on Generative  Coaching and participation experience judgments on this approach and training since  the beginning of techniques on the COACH, Centered, Open, Desperate, Connected,  and Selected state that came.

Over the years we have moved people around the world to change their minds that when we are two or more people together, it  produces something larger than the sum of the parts. And it is wonderful.

Some concepts of Coaching Password Generator are as follows:

  1. You as an identity are much more positive than you think you are. “You are a difficulty, you are the positive opposite of the difficulty, nor are you a difficulty or positive opposite of the difficulty. You are much more! “
  2. You need to be a witness to your difficulty, but not to identify with it. It has room for much more.
  3. The metaphor: “We human beings are an inn and we should welcome at the door with a smile and invite us to sit and drink our difficulties and the difficulties of the world because they are ways of growing as people.
  4. The distance from us to others is the same distance from us to ourselves
  5. To be able to accomplish our goals, we must be connected at 3 points
    1.  The intention (the image of the goal before you);
    2. With your body.
    3. With the field around you. Connected with these 3 points, the magic happens. – An experience of COACH exercise to stay in the present.

We remember what Dilts quoted in one of the COACH courses on the pilot who landed on the Hudson River with engine crashes due to bird inflows. The pilot reported that it was a moment that he felt most afraid in life, but at the same time felt a huge peace and did his best, managing to land and save everyone. Something similar happened to our family in June this year, there was a fire in the elevator of our building and we had to go down the stairs from the 13th floor with a thick dark smoke, not knowing if we were going out alive, but all we (Cesar, myself and our 2  children) are whole in the present, quiet, welcoming fear and uncertainty, and stoop down until we leave the building. In 2016, we thanked our NLP masters Ed and  Maryanne in the United States for all we learned from them.

We recorded a video in which Maryanne says that one of the most important things NLP brought  her was: “With NLP I realized that I can get what I want in terms of goals.” And he started taking international NLP courses in Europe. We brought as an example of the  Generative Collaboration a video of our son’s band with friends with songs written by  Rock International.

Mickey A. Feher

Mickey A. Feher

Mickey has been the Managing Director and Sales Director at major multinational companies such as Deutsche Telekom, Aegis and Deloitte and served in various executive level roles across Europe. Apart from managing Purpose & Company in the US he also served as the Executive Director for The International Association for Generative Change, a global organization founded by Robert Dilts and Steve Gilligan. He is a member of the leadership team of Dilts Strategy Group a global generative consulting company.

His Passion and Higher Purpose is to help others “Open their Minds and Wings to rewrite Personal History”. This involves helping organizations and individuals to find Meaning and reach exceptional results. He is engaged in a lifelong battle against isolationism, intolerance, and hatred.

Mickey’s clients include some the largest multinationals of the world such as Microsoft; GE; Vodafone and Mondelez as well as EDF. He has also worked with small and medium-size enterprises interested in leveraging the power of OnPurpose™ leadership.

He has an MA in psychology and MBA in international management from Case Western University.

Other certifications and qualifications include:

  • Master Practitioner; Consultant and Trainer certified by the prestigious NLPU in California.
  • Generative Coach certified by the IAGC in Paris, France.
  • Next Generation Entrepreneurship and Conscious Leadership and Resilience with Success Factor Modeling™ by the Dilts Strategy Group.

A father of two he enjoys martial arts and meditation as two very important life tools.

 LinkedIn Profile

Human and a Men – how do we (re)define the identity of 21st century Man? 


I’m first and foremost a human. I wonder why am I here. Secondly, I am a man. But being a Man is under scrutiny. There is a version of toxic masculinity that has prevailed too long. Men have often been abusive, violent with a woman and there are varying levels of gender-based inequality in almost all key domains of our life.  However, neither the extreme “warrior” with overemphasized alpha male characteristics nor the man ashamed of himself seems to point towards a  constructive and compelling vision of the 21st century man. Many of us are confused  about how to be a good man and a good leader and what to teach our boys about healthy masculinity.

The workshop discusses where we are stuck and proposes a  path that may lead to a better outcome. We will explore how generative principles and practices can be applied to getting in touch with our masculine and feminine principles and how integrating those two may be the solution for the future.

Mike Huang

Mike Huang

Mike Huang established Life Wise and Farsighted Company in 2007 to promote body wisdom in China. He is the co-founder of the Institute of Generative Trance (IGT).

Mike is a senior Generative Coach, a full IAGC trainer, a licensed psychologist in China. He has 17 years of self-growing training, coaching and counselling experience. He spends over 100 days per year teaching and conducting seminars in Fortune Global 500 companies in China. Since 2016, he has started teaching Life Coach executive workshops for over 300 people. He participates in all Dr. Stephen Gilligan’s China workshops and supervision classes as the head of TA.

Personal mission:

• Commit to using Generative Change to help individuals and enterprises

• Educate and train new Generative Coaches

• Apply Generative Coaching to inspire personal potential and transformation

How I teach Generative Coaching in Chinese enterprises 


I have been teaching Generative Coaching in many Top profile companies in China since 2009, therefore would like to share my working experience.  My mission is to enable changes in individuals, and by that, we have a higher chance to upgrade the organization.

I believe Generative Coaching work is amazing and can really help everyone in an organization.

However how to do that in enterprises, is different from workshops, after all for those who attended my workshops, are more motivated to learn and to change, than those employees I face while doing corporative training.

Pedro Gaspar

Pedro Gaspar

I support people to transform their ideas into projects and their projects into successful businesses. I’ve created Clarear Caminhos which is a  mentoring platform where I bring clarity to small entrepreneurs so they can meet the challenges of our times. I’m also the main coach (should I say “awakener”?) at São  Paulo Digital School.

The Generative Future of Work


Have you noticed how fast the world is changing? We are living in a very, very disruptive time. The impact of technology on work is already happening and new challenges are arising for us and the people we care about. The same technology that is “killing jobs” is also creating the grounds for new work relationships, new ways of doing business. The challenge? Put our ideas out there.

Come and see how I’m supporting professionals to transform their ideas into projects and their projects into successful businesses.

Raissa Macêdo Gerheim Vieira 

Raissa Macêdo Gerheim Vieira 

Raissa is a 28-year-old Brazilian consultant who believes that the alignment between the entrepreneur’s passion and the company’s purpose is key for sustainable success.

With a multidisciplinary background, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in  Architecture and Urban Planning from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and the ETSAB – Polytechnic University of Catalunya. She has worked as a project manager during the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games; as a Happiness Officer at Chance, a French social startup; and currently works as a Product Owner at B2W,  the largest e-commerce company in Brazil.

In 2017, she started specializing in NLP  and Generative Change. She attended the NLP Practitioner in Brazil, the Success  Factor Modeling III and the Generative Consulting program in California with Dilts  Strategic Group. As a consultant, she supported entrepreneurs from different areas such as law, architecture, gastronomy, nutrition, medicine, technology, photography and education, and in different contexts, such as crisis, growth, and transition.

Combining the methodology of Generative Consulting with design and branding techniques, she passionately created Alinha Consultoria – Align Consulting.

Generative Consulting – in a perspective of a Hero’s Journey 


We can see that the new generation of entrepreneurs has changed the business paradigm. They are no longer aiming just for profit, but also for finding a greater purpose, capable of generating positive changes in society.

This also applies to the reality of Brazil, in addition to the fact that it is a country with a high unemployment rate and great creative capital. The goal of this presentation is to share experiences of my generative consultancy practice in this context, exposing the effects of the process and raising challenges and reflective aspects about how it was applied. I will speak from the perspective of the Hero’s Journey, telling my story and how I applied the method.

This will be exemplified by a case of a company in a crisis context.

I will show how the method was applied in practice and how I combined it with design thinking and branding techniques to match generativity and to adapt to the context.

Thomas Kierok 

Thomas Kierok 

Thomas Kierok born in Hamburg, Germany 1966 professional photographer, lecturer  of photography, book author ( 4 book publications), coaching education Bernd Isert,  generative coaching Steve Gilligan and Robert Dilts

100 Years of Life 

(suitable for intimidate level  practitioners )

‘100 Years of Life’ is a photo project that shows the beauty and uniqueness and connection between all humans beings. I will show you the video of the project and then talk about the project. My intention and experience creating this project. And about the feeling, emotions, and insights of the viewers.

Then I would like to invite you to experience an “eye to eye” meditation with their neighbor for about a  minute.

This experience is similar to the experience of the video and the photographed people.

Here is the video:

Xoan González Soto

Xoan González Soto

With more than 10 years in management positions in different companies, Xoan currently works developing teams in organizations in the south of Spain with the firm Eneas Consultores. He is also managing partner of ATC Motor Group. Xoan is Practitioner of Success Factor Modeling and Generative Coaching by IAGC (Robert Dilts & Stephen Gilligan). He is a Certified Executive and Team Coach by the Spanish Coaching Association (CPC 10574) and Certified Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming by the Spanish Association of NLP. He is a Certified National Analyst in behaviors, motivators and emotional intelligence by TTI, PSDV by ESIC in the International Management School of Granada and holds a Masters in Digital Communication by the University Camilo José Cela of Madrid.

Spotlight Leadership

(suitable for intimidate level  practitioners )

Through different experiences with teams in organizations in Spain, we will share the keys to Transformational Leadership. Based on several leadership models, especially the Robert Dilts (Conscious Leadership)  model and the competencies that are necessary to meet the challenges of the 21st century. 

Yza de Burbure 

Yza de Burbure 

Belgian from birth, I have been living and traveling in different continents surrounded by different cultures. Today as a conversational hypnotherapist and early childhood guide, I help women with post-traumatic stress disorders due to toxic relationships with Narcissistic Manipulators, or pedophiles, to gain self-confidence and self-esteem to get back on their paths and become positive and conscious parents to their children. I help understand how to implement the prevention of sexual abuse on minors and how to create teachable moments and a safe environment. I facilitate connections for parents with their inner child and as such become their own inner parents. They can, then, be the example that children need in order to become who they truly are. I also use my own experiences to help my clients to have a creative discussion between their conscious and unconscious mind and as such create new possibilities. Mother of three, grandmother of one, traveler, nurse, Montessori teacher, comedian, Generative Trance Healer, business owner I am a self-learner, and life is my school.

What does “Little Red Cap” has to do with all this? 


By exploring Little Red Cap, as a fairy tale, I help adults analyzing the importance of telling these tales, as symbolic and metaphorical heroes journeys for their children,  but also as a tool to talk about prevention.

Helping parents/educators to help their children to help themselves by experiencing trance through the importance of telling these fairy tales and creating as such a conscious supportive environment, where the child will feel safe and have the ability and security to build his resilient self.

Little  Red Cap as a story but also as a laboratory to experience how to keep our children safe, and at the same time giving them teachable moments to become Loving,  Independent, Respectful, Free and Resilient human beings.