Generative Change Intensive
Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D
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These 4-day personal development courses are held in Dr. Gilligan’s office in Encinitas California. Limited to 9 people, they are intimate, transformational events.

Each person has an opportunity to do a 2-3 hour piece of core work directly with Dr. Gilligan in the middle of the group. In addition, Dr. Gilligan offers mini-talks and group trance and hypnotic experiences.  The nature of the core work is both archetypal and personal, expressing both the unique experience of a given person but also a deeper archetypal, collective experience of being human. This double level of experience opens the creative unconscious at its best, and an interesting sort of quantum field opens within the group. Some really amazing changes happen in these meetings.

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03 to 06 December 2020
  • English
  • Encinitas, USA

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