Growing as a team and in team performance through only cognitive interventions is like swimming without water: it gets very dry …!

High Team Performance in terms of generating new results, human excellence and following the ecologies of mind, body and soul demands mindful perception and action on multiple levels. Somatics is based on the understanding that the spirit, mind, body, self and rationality are inextricably linked; to grow one, you must cultivate the others. Creatively performing from all these sources as individual AND as a team is the purpose of this newly created experiential workshop. Through cutting edge methodology, integrating Generative Change Work, Somatics and Generative Group Dynamics, you go on an experiential learning journey on the interface of individual and collective self.

Participants: Leaders, Consultants, Therapists, Group-­‐& Teamworkers of all professions, Researchers, Teachers, Athletes, Musicians, Creators … all who desire to deepen their creative practice and get better results and quality in their teams and as teamplayers; highly recommended: participate as a whole team.
Contents & Overview

In Day 1-­‐ 3 you explore generative trance, and how it may be used for a positive Self Relation and in Relationships to others (Demos with requests of participants, 1:1 practice and group work): Generative trance is a special state of consciousness that goes beyond ego beliefs and limitations, thereby allowing extraordinary creativity and transformation. Specific topics include:

    • Specific techniques for developing and maintaining generative trance in self & others
    • The Role of multiple intelligences for creative high performance
    • Exploring variety, holding & transforming many differences (ego-­‐parts, layers of behavior, different truths, members, subsystems ..) in oneself & the team through somatic intelligence
    • From Crash to Coach State: Accessing different states of consciousness to transform obstacles, create action and creative relationships
    • Accessing somatic intelligence and experience embodiment
    • Becoming a better team player: Connecting with centered intention, guided by resources such as other team-­‐members or resources from a larger field
    • Creating and performing from the whole: Sensing the teams higher intention and work from this connection

Each day team sessions are blended in to explore, transfer and amplify the learning from the individual level to the team level – and back. The specific focus here is on weaving a network of creative and productive relationships within a social body (embedded in an organization or larger field) so that individual purpose is in fluid alignment with the teams (larger) mission and actionable skill from each unique member contributes to high collective performance. In somatic movement integration sessions we deepen these inner and outer connections integrating person, team and whole group. Taken together, these frameworks will provide a profoundly positive framework for developing creative systems and  exploring the conditions for high performance.

The emphasis of Day 4 is on the team level integrating the developments from Day 1-­‐3 and stepping on the next level. Specific topics include:

    • From Gang to Band: growing together as person AND team
    • Finding your place in the fluidity of a living team
    • Building high performance from differences: How do we relate to hold, transform and use many differences in the team for high performance?
    • Getting out of rigid negative patterns into positive patterns and flow. Understanding their inherent systemic relationship
    • Surfing the collective unconscious –bringing collectively unconscious content into daylight and use it for collective action, growth, healing
    • Dealing with emotions and beliefs in the team
    • Bridging the gaps between different levels of consciousness and maturity within the team
    • Feel and be the social body in action: embodying team performance

Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D