IAGC Professional Membership

People may apply for Professional Membership once they have completed any of the following certification courses: one of the core IAGC certification courses in Generative Coaching or Generative Trance, or one of the Dilts Strategy Group (DSG) Programs in Success Factor Modeling™ (SFM): Next Generation Entrepreneurship, Collective Intelligence or Conscious Leadership. Upon acceptance, they will be listed on the IAGC website as a professional member. They will receive an IAGC Certificate of Membership as a Practitioner of Generative Change in their qualifying professional area (Generative Coaching, Generative Trance or Generative Change in Business). They will also have access to this website’s Membership Area.


For those who wish to go further, certification as an Advanced Practitioner of Generative Change is a next step available to qualified people.
Practitioner of Generative Change

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