Associate membership is for people wishing to join the IAGC community who have not yet completed a core certification course.

This community is our foundation for spreading the work of the IAGC throughout the world. We invite you to join us on this journey. You do not need to be a professional in order to join. People interested in using the tools for Generative Change will be able to generate more creativity in their personal and professional lives. We welcome members from all corners of the globe who want to make a difference in their communities, for themselves, their families, and for the people they touch.

Applicants are required to complete 20 hours of training in qualified courses taught by Stephen Gilligan, Robert Dilts, or an authorized affiliate. Please see below for a list of qualifying courses.
  • Attendance in a minimum of 20 hours in any of the qualifying courses listed below. If you think another course may qualify you for membership, you may enter the name on the Associate Membership application form.
  • Qualifying Courses:
    • The International Conference on Generative Change
    • Any approved IAGC CPD course
    • Supervision with Stephen Gilligan
    • SFM I: Next Generation Entrepreneurs
    • SFM II: Facilitating Collective Intelligence
    • SFM III: Conscious Leadership
    • Generative Trance: Week 1
    • Generative Trance: Non-Certification Program
    • NLPU Practitioner
    • NLPU Practitioner with NLPU Affiliate
    • NLPU Master Practitioner
    • NLPU Master Practitioner with NLPU Affiliate
    • NLPU Trainer
    • NLPU Master Trainer
    • Having read books and articles related to Generativity.

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Renewal of your IAGC Associate Membership requires attending a minimum of 10 hours CPD in any of the qualifying courses listed above during each two-year membership period.


  • Access to the Membership Area of the website: view our forums, see exclusive films taken from our training events, and much more
  • Be listed in our Associate Member directory
  • Be the first to find out about our training events, our workshops, and transformational programs
  • Discounts on webinars
  • Discounts on IAGC books and other products
  • Receive updates about our upcoming courses and IAGC events including our upcoming Personal Transformation workshops, webinars, and online courses


Associate Membership Fee: $50 for one year, payable to IAGC International.

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