IAGC is pleased to announce the possibility for certified Practitioners of Generative Coaching to become an IAGC Associate Trainer and Authorized Copyright User. The Copyright Authorization Package includes current recordings and electronic versions of the Training Materials for the Generative Coaching and Generative Trance Certification Programs.
  1. Successful completion of the Certification Program for which you desire authorization (Generative Coaching or Generative Trance)
  2. Completion of the IAGC Authorization Application Form
  3. Signed Copyright Authorization Agreement


  • An official Certificate of Authorization to use copyrighted material for a limited amount of time, currently fixed at two years
  • Use of current recordings and electronic versions of the training materials for the authorized program, use of IAGC logo
  • Copyright Authorization is one step on the Pathway to IAGC Affiliation


  • An existing professional membership of IAGC is required to apply for this membership.
  • Under the terms of this authorization, IAGC Copyrighted materials are only to be used for in-person or live on-line training purposes in Generative Coaching, Generative Trance or other trainings incorporating this material.
  • No part of this material is for resale. IAGC Authorized Copyright Users may teach IAGC material under conditions in the contract, but not give IAGC certificates.
  • Copyright Authorization renewal is contingent on the authorized user following all guidelines contained in the Copyright Authorization Agreement.


Copyright Authorization Package fee: $750 – renewable every two years at a price to be determined.


To apply for IAGC Associate Trainer & Copyright Authorization