Generative Change Supervision Groups

These are small group intensives for people wishing for supervision in applying Generative Change work in their professional practices.

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Systemic Trance Work

This is the newest chapter of Dr. Gilligan’s 40 years of exploration in how creative trance states can generate extraordinary results.

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Generative Presence

This new workshop focuses on how to awaken embodied intelligence and presence in order to move competent performance to a generative level.

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Generative Leadership

This experiential and practical workshop focuses on how to develop the generative qualities of positive leadership.

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Integrating Somatic Intelligence in High Performance Teams

This is Dr. Gilligan’s application of Generative Change Work, especially the Somatic Intelligence dimensions, into organizational work.

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Hero’s Journey

S. Gilligan & R. Dilts

The Hero’s Journey:

Living life as a great creative adventure

More than ever, the worlds needs passionate, creative people and communiites. This workshop explores how to live in such a way, based on the ground-breaking Hero’s Journey work developed by Joseph Campbell. In this journey, a person senses and acts on a life calling, using this deep connection to create an extraordinary path through the world. Such a life requires full commitment and surrender to life, as well as intensive self-development. The training invites each participant to make such a commitment, and explores the generative methods by which life dreams can become real.

The structure of the course follows 8 steps of the Hero’s Journey:

  • Hear the call: Live your dream
  • Commit to the call: Take full responsibiility for your life
  • Prepare for the Journey: Self training
  • Cross the Threshold: Open beyond the Ego
  • Walk the path: Take creative action
  • Find guardians/guides: Develop resources
  • Tame the dragon: Transform negativity
  • Bring it back home: Pass it on to others


The general steps of the journey will be explored in a series of intensive exercises, demonstrations, and group processes designed to awaken your consciousness to experience more love, exceptional creativity, and positive living. You will be both challenged and supported in this intensive process, and also receive guidance in how to coach others on such journeys.

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Generative Psychotherapy

Generative Psychotherapy can be a very effective process in working with such individuals. Developed by Dr. Gilligan over his 40 years of experience in psychotherapy, Generative Psychotherapy teaches psychotherapists how use generative change principles within a therapeutic process. Special attention is given to: how to develop a generative relationship container to do intense transformational and healing work; how to establish and maintain positive resources; how to transform negative symptoms into positive resources; and how to replace the “negative trance” of a symptom into the “positive trance” of a creative state.

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Self-Relations Intensives

These 4-day personal development courses are held in Dr. Gilligan’s office in Encinitas California. Limited to 9 people, they are intimate, transformational events. Each person has an opportunity to do a 2-3 hour piece of core work directly with Dr. Gilligan in the middle of the group. In addition, Dr. Gilligan offers mini-talks and group trance and hypnotic experiences. The nature of the core work is both archetypal and personal, expressing both the unique experience of a given person but also a deeper archetypal, collective experience of being human. This double level of experience opens the creative unconscious at its best, and an interesting sort of quantum field opens within the group. Some really amazing changes happen in these meetings.

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Other Workshops and Trainings

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