We live in a time of unprecedented challenges, touching virtually every part of our lives: our connections to ourselves, each other, the environment, our work, our cultures, etc.

At this tenuous threshold, the challenge seems clear: How do we create generative changes at all these levels? “Generative” means to create something totally new, that is both positive and sustainable...

We have grown a community for generative change!

The roots of the Generative Change community began to form in the 70’s in Santa Cruz, where Robert Dilts and Steve Gilligan were students together, under the mentorship of Gregory Bateson, Milton Erickson, and the NLP founders. They went on to develop their own work, and after 20 years their paths again joined, giving birth to generative change work...

Sustainable change requires both inner and outer transformation.

S. Gilligan & R. Dilts

Stephen Gilligan

Life-changing experience

Create a successful and meaningful work life, develop a great relationship with yourself — your body, your past, your future, your wounds and your gifts, building your Generative Change skillset!


Robert Dilts

(Trainings & Events)

We are a collaborative professional community

We are a professional community that certifies people to do Generative Change work, and provides membership in a collaborative community with the mission to bring generative change into many different cultures, communities, and areas (for example: coaching, business, psychotherapy, health, education and politics).


Most of all, we are a human community!

Generative Change values human presence and connection as the context for all positive creativity. So while we see the work as forms and instruments for change, we realize that the heart and soul of human connection is far more important.

So our deepest intention is to create communities based on laughter, healing, intelligent creativity, and fun...