by Robert B Dilts (Author), Stephen Gilligan (Author), Antonio Meza (Illustrator)

Multiple Levels of Creating Success

Creating and managing ecological and sustainable change is a multi-level process. Changing our actions involves changing our mind and mindset. This includes increasing our knowledge and know-how, but it also frequently requires a shift in our priorities and motivations as well. Sometimes it means updating even deeper processes, such as our perceptions of our identity and our sense of purpose.

A major theme in this volume is the role that beliefs play in either supporting or inhibiting creativity. Deeply held beliefs weave together all three of the areas that make up our consciousness – cognitive, somatic and field – and thus have a powerful influence on the way we build our realities. In this book, we will show how we can strengthen empowering beliefs as well as identify and transform belief barriers that can disempower us or hold us back.

Generative Coaching Volume 3 demonstrates how multiple levels of influences can be integrated into the six steps of the generative coaching process to produce more profound and lasting success in any area of our lives.


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