Robert Dilts

12 days
What is Generative Change in Business?

To “generate” means to create something new. The focus of Generative Change is to cultivate creativity: in your teams, your venture, your relationships and yourself. Social, technological and economic developments are constantly transforming the world of business and the way in which people, teams, and organizations, old and new, must operate. This requires developing new and innovative approaches to address the many challenges of change. Generative Change in Business involves helping individuals, teams, and organizations address these challenges in order to succeed and thrive in a changing world. This program will provide participants with principles, models, and tools to navigate the volatile and evolving landscape of today’s business environment creatively.

Who Should Attend the Generative Change in Business Certification?

  • SFM Alumni or Alumnae who want to discover how the SFM tools can be applied to Business Consulting and would like to be certified in Generative Change in Business. Put your SFM knowledge into practice with different people from different cultures and backgrounds.
  • Generative Coaching Alumni or Alumnae who want to learn how to apply the state of the art methods of Success Factor Modeling to help clients tackle their challenges. Explore how Generative Coaching can be dramatically expanded in a business context.
  • HR Professionals who want to learn new tools for facilitating generative collaboration and collective intelligence in their teams. Learn how to enhance resilience, agility, flexibility and “intrapreneurship.”
  • Managers and Business Leaders who want to bring lasting change into an organization. Apply principles of sustainable management to create an support a winning culture.
  • “Intrapreneurs” who want to develop an entrepreneurial mindset within a large organization. Take responsibility for encouraging authentic innovation in the teams and projects with which you are involved.
  • Anyone who wants to be part of an incredible community of people who are committed to making a real difference in the world both within and outside the context of business. Interact and network with committed people who share a common vision and set of values.

What Are the Benefits of the Program?
  • Learn to use effective diagnostic tools and procedures that indicate which SFM tools will be most helpful for clients experiencing different challenges.
  • Acquire a clear set of competencies necessary to perform effective generative change in business.
  • Be part of a unique differentiating brand and an international network that shares a common vision, approach and set of values.
  • Get the SFM edge that distinguishes you in the consulting market.


What Key Generative Change in Business Competences Will You Acquire?
  • Information gathering and diagnosis of present state.
  • Establishing the desired state and direction for change.
  • Action planning.
  • Execution – moving to action.
  • Dealing with obstacles, challenges, and pitfalls.
  • Assessing change and progress toward the desired state.
  • Practices and follow up for deepening the changes.
  • Analytical skills – the ability to spot trends and meaning in sets of data.
  • Communication skills – fluency in addressing people at different management levels, with different educational and cultural backgrounds.
  • The ability to challenge a client to exceed expectations.
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Discover concrete ways to apply SFM in businesses for corporate clients with a focus on how to apply SFM models and tools for businesses and organizations other
than your own.

Explore new tools that complement those taught in the current SFM programs.

Learn the fundamentals of business consulting, best practices and
implement trade insights from consulting professionals from around the
world necessary for a successful career in business consulting.

Develop your competencies in using the SFM model and tools to help your
clients overcome current difficulties, challenges and/or thrive in their
business venture whether they be solo entrepreneurs, start-ups, medium or
large companies.

Grow your own business in new innovative ways.

Experience the SFM community again.

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Accelerate the Process of Generative Change in Business Certification.

Qualify for IAGC Membership.

Acquire a basic understanding of all of the SFM models and applications and how they fit together.

Become a master in the art of generative Change in Business through practice and feedback from your peers.

Qualify to present authorized and affiliated (DSG and IAGC) Generative
Change in Business programs.

Acquire a meta structure that integrates all of the SFM models together in a single system.

Integrate the art of generative change in business through practice and feedback from your peers.

Aquire a basic understanding of SFM and how the models and applications
complement generative change on a personal or one-to-one level

Apply Generative Change skills with new knowledge, models and tools to
help people wanting to start or grow their business to succeed beyond their

Learn the distinction between the three generative programs: Generative Coaching,
Generative Trance and Generative Change in Business.

Learn how to use a more adaptable approach with your business clients and their ventures.

Achieve Generative Change in Business certification in a single program.

Acquire a basic understanding of SFM and how the models and applications
complement and expand on NLP, particularly in the context of businesses and

Learn to apply NLP skills with new knowledge, models and tools in order to help people wanting to start or grow their business to succeed beyond their expectations.

Build on your NLP skills to achieve the next level of your expertise as a consultant.

Re-experience the support of the NLP community along with the rich and creative field generated at UCSC.

Be part of the new generation of generative change agents in the world.

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