The supervision groups are an amazing opportunity to explore Stephen’s work in an intimate setting.

Durning the event Stephen runs 3-4 sessions of ‘core’ work in the middle of the group each day, with each working team consisting of a client, two therapists/coaches, and Stephen as the supervisor/participant. In addition, Stephen offers mini-lectures and group trance processes.

At the beginning of the workshop anyone who want’s to be in the client role will put their name forward and there are usually 7 spots available, if more than 7 people want to be ‘clients’ then there is a lottery to decide who is in the client role. The clients then pick two of the group to be on their team and this will be the team that works with Stephen in front of the group. During the workshop the group also gets the chance to rotate roles so that at some point each participant will be a client and these pieces of work will not be done in front of the whole group.

Emphasis is placed on the generative application of the therapy approaches of Ericksonian hypnosis and psychotherapy, and Stephen’s work on Self-Relations, Generative Self, and Generative Trance.

Some of these groups are specifically for Therapists/Coaches and some of the group is open to all, whether you are a therapist, a coach, use this work in your business or simply interested in exploring this work for your own life. No previous experience is necessary. More information can be found at


Our Supervision Community

These groups are intensive therapist and coaching communities, with major work done at both professional and personal levels. We explore how and why to resonate with multiple levels of consciousness simultaneously– within one’s self, the client, and the therapy relationship. We explore how the skill base for doing this rests on developing generative levels of Somatic Mind (centered, aligned, flexible), Cognitive Mind (creative acceptance, positive utilization, curiosity, and transformational sponsorship), and Field Mind (opening beyond the problem, attuning resources from many states, going beyond the cognitive mind). This allows a deeper appreciation of how these higher states of consciousness can be used to dissolve the problem-defined self and strengthen a solution-oriented self that can skillfully move through and beyond any stuck places. These groups are legendary for their depth of community and the life-changing transformations that emerge from them.

Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D