One of the most important set of skills required in a changing world are the skills of leadership. Leadership can be defined as the capability to: “express a vision, influence people to achieve results, encourage team cooperation, and be an example.” Leadership is often about “going first,” and influencing others as much by one’s actions as by one’s words. This requires choosing a direction to go and having the courage and energy to move quickly.

Generative change means creating something beyond what has ever existed, whether in personal or professional life.  It is not merely a cosmetic change, but a contextual shift that allows new levels of mastery.  Thus, Generative Leadership involves achieving outcomes that are completely new. The core focus in Generative Leadership is creativity: How do you create a successful and meaningful project, venture or life?

Generative Leadership assumes that reality is constructed, and that this creative process can be mindfully engaged for positive outcomes.  To do this, a person’s state of consciousness is the difference that makes the difference: The outcomes a person produces are only as good as their state.  Generative Leadership explores how to build the generative states, for yourself and others, needed to make dreams come true.  It then focuses on how to maintain these states in dealing with whatever challenges arise on a creative journey, so that new and meaningful results can occur.

The practical process of how to do this is the focus of this course. The program will combine tools of Robert Dilts’ Success Factor Modeling and Stephen Gilligan’s Generative Self to help people reach their deepest potential. Gilligan and Dilts will present their six-step model for producing generative change:

(1) Opening a COACH (generative) field

(2) Committing to an intention/goal

(3) Developing a generative state

(4) Taking action

(5) Transforming obstacles

6) Establishing Practices for continued growth and change


This training is highly practical and deeply experiential.  You will develop the creative competencies to coach exceptional success.  This integration of Gilligan and Dilts’ lifetime work will help you to produce powerful and positive results.


Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D