Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D

Generative Psychotherapy:

The structure and process of creative life change

Stephen Gilligan,

This workshop provides an overview of the innovative approach of Generative Psychotherapy. In this neo-Ericksonian approach, each client is seen as being on a creative journey, wherein even significant negative setbacks and suffering can be positively utilized. Integral to realizing this is the creative state that needs to be activated in both therapist and client. We will see how this can be done within the guiding structure of a 6-step process: (1) Opening a creative field; (2) Setting positive intentions/goals; (3) Developing a creative state in both therapist and client; (4) Elucidating the steps for creative change; (5) Transforming obstacles; and (6) Homework and life practices. Through lecture, demonstration, case examples, and

experiential exercises, participants will learn new methods and techniques for making psychotherapy a conversation that supports both client and therapist in living life in positive and fulfilling ways.


Course Objectives:

  1. Identify the main tenets of Generative Psychotherapy.
  2. Show how to develop a creative state in both therapist and client.
  3. Show how to transform a negative problem into a positive resource.
  4. Identify three techniques for developing a positive goal.
  5. Demonstrate how to influence clients in committing to daily practices.