Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D & Robert Dilts

In the Hero’s Journey workshop you will engage archetypal and personal experience to help generate extraordinary outcomes for yourself and your community. We use elements of Joseph Campbell’s mythological journeys, Milton Erickson’s naturalistic trance, and Steve’s Gilligan’s generative self.

The Realization of an Extraordinary Life

What is the Hero’s Journey

The mythologist Joseph Campbell spoke of a great myth found in every culture across time: The person who is called on a ‘hero’s journey’ to transform their life and bring a healing gift back into the community. This myth has three stages: the innocence of the garden, the exile and trials of the desert, and the call to return into the community with a new self. Along the way, the hero must cross thresholds into a new territory outside of his or her comfort zone, find the proper guardians and face and transform inner ‘demons’ or ‘shadows.’ Campbell’s notion of the hero’s journey provides a powerful road map for navigating the challenges of personal growth and change, especially change at the level of identity. We will use this map as a guide for developing a Generative Self that is capable of deep inner happiness and significant external accomplishment.

Frequently, when we face life challenges (and inner ‘demons’), we find ourselves initially overwhelmed and feeling more like victims than heroes. This program will provide you with the tools and resources that will help you face and confront life challenges with renewed confidence and passion.

The Hero’s Journey and The Generative Self

Major topics of the Hero’s Journey workshop include:

·       The three life paths

LIving in the Village

Exile in The Wasteland

Call of the Hero’s Journey

·       The basic steps in the Hero′s Journey

The call; The refusal of the call; The appearance of a guide; Crossing the Threshold; Engaging Demons and Guides; Completing the Task; The return

·       Strategies

for clarifying where you are on the journey, and how to proceed in a generative way

·       How it provides

How the work of Generative Self provides tools for the Hero’s journey

·       Tools for developing and maintaining Generative Self

Ericksonian hypnosis

Generative Self

Generative Trance work

·       Working with energies

Working with archetypic energies and archetypes of transformation.

Being in this program, you can expect both to develop many experiential shifts, and to acquire models of how such transformational change can be developed in other areas. Come prepared to enter a training community that is both safe and passionate. The training includes experiential demonstrations, training exercises, intense personal work, group trance work, and lecture/discussion. The interplay of cognitive and experiential learning is emphasized throughout.